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The Italian vermouth Martini has millions of fans all over the world. And over the long years of the brand’s existence, certain rules for the use of these drinks have developed. Of course, they can be violated. But it is believed that vermouth will show its true character only in the «right» glass at a certain temperature. And it is not possible to dilute it with any kind of juice, as is often done. Let’s figure out how to drink Martini. In general, these rules apply to all brands of vermouth.

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What types of Martini are there?

The brand has a fairly wide range of products. Now there is not only classic dry vermouth, but also several others. And each specimen has its own tasting characteristics.

The Martini vermouth collection contains the following items:

  • Extra Dry. The drink has a higher strength compared to other versions. In the aftertaste, there is a pleasant sourness of lemon and astringency of herbs.
  • Bianco. A transparent drink with a pleasant mild taste, a lush herbal aroma with vanilla motifs.
  • Rosso. Berries and caramel are felt in a mild taste. A pleasant bitterness of spices emerges at the finish.
  • Rosato. The drink contains red and white wine. Motifs of carnation and cinnamon play brightly in the bouquet.
  • D’Oro. Vermouth of low strength with a base of white wine. Vanilla, cinnamon and honey are discernible on the palate.
  • Fiero. The blend is based on red wine. The taste and aroma of the drink are dominated by tart red oranges.

How to Serve Martini?

Martini is usually served only before meals. It is believed that the herbal bouquet of vermouth awakens the appetite and improves digestion. However, the stronger Extra Dry often acts as the main «alcoholic accompaniment» to a dinner or a feast.

The «correct» temperature for vermouth serving is 10-15 ° С. It is believed that it is with such cooling that Martini reveals its full potential — tart herbal notes, spicy and citrus motifs. If the drink has been in the refrigerator for a long time, it is advisable to keep it at room temperature a couple of hours before serving.